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Commercial Sewage Backup

A commercial building sustained sewage backup when pressure backed up from maintenance work on the line. This caused extensive water damage to the walls, base... READ MORE

Water Damage in Spring, TX

A water damage at this Spring, TX business that resulted from a toilet overflow. The water from the toilet affected the entire office space of approximately 8,... READ MORE

Hidden Mold Infestation

Because of excessive moisture levels that went undiscovered for several months, this family discovered substantial microbial growth in their home. Mold problems... READ MORE

Mold Infestation

Mold damage in this room resulted from a water leak in the bathroom on the other side of the wall. It takes so little time for a mold infestation to multiply th... READ MORE

Damage from Halcyon Fire

This fire caused extensive damage to multiple rooms. Halcyon fire damage is common, and the damage can be severe. Once the rubble had been safely eliminated, a ... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO for commercial water damage?

Our team at SERVPRO was dispatched to a commercial water damage incident at a location in Houston. We were able to respond swiftly and start the restoration pro... READ MORE

Water Removal from a Commercial Space

We have the necessary equipment to dry commercial spaces following a water intrusion. The first step in cleaning up is to drain any excess water using the most ... READ MORE

Soot Filled Home in Cypress, TX

This Cypress, TX home suffered fire damage which caused major smoke and soot residue throughout the home. SERVPRO of Westfield was called out to provide cleanin... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in a Spring, TX Kitchen

This Spring, TX kitchen was impacted by major mold growth due to a slow leak underneath their kitchen cabinet. The mold had affected the drywall, insulation, s... READ MORE

Mold Development in a Cypress, TX Home

Developing mold caused major damage to this Cypress, TX home, eating away through the walls and baseboards of several rooms. In this home, the mold was not init... READ MORE