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Mold Remediation in Jersey Village, TX

The above sign of mold growth in this commercial structure is usually created by leaks. However, if you already know that you have had a water leak (such as lea... READ MORE

Mold Damage in North Houston

Mold damage in this North Houston, TX kitchen was the result of an overlooked water leak underneath the kitchen sink. Damp and dark areas often breed mold damag... READ MORE

Water Damage at Jersey Village, TX Home

This Jersey Village home suffered massive water damage due to an overflowing tub and faucet. This living room floor is saturated. Flooding and water damage is v... READ MORE

Fire Damage at a Woodlands, TX Home

This Woodlands, TX home suffered mild fire damage due to an electrical fire. SERVPRO of Westfield was called out for our cleaning services and to remove all con... READ MORE

Fire Damage in an Humble, TX Home

An Humble, TX resident had a house fire that left their home, some rooms more than others, full of heavy soot. Fires can often cause messes in more ways than yo... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Houston, TX

The kitchen stove top in this Houston, TX home caught on fire from an overfilled skillet cooking on high. The fire moved to the ceiling and smoked up the entire... READ MORE

Restoration At A Fire Damaged North Houston Home

So often, at the time of a fire, the last thing on a customer’s mind is the mess that will be left over after the fire is extinguished.  They’r... READ MORE

Mild Flooding in Houston, TX

This flooded breakfast nook in Houston, TX was the result of a severe thunderstorm. The home needed water extraction and drying out. The SERVPRO of Westfield te... READ MORE

Storm Damage in The Woodlands, TX

A home in The Woodlands, TX experienced a water loss due to severe weather. A pipe in the ceiling over the living room burst, which caused a lot of damage to th... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Roof in North Houston

A family was left devastated by the damages to their home in North Houston, due to storm causing roof damage. The extent of the damage left the family speechles... READ MORE